Webinars on Strip Cultivation

WonderWeeder Front Mounted Cultivator

WonderWeeder Front Mounted Cultivator

Brad Baughman’s M.S. research was highlighted in two webinars on strip cultivation in grapes and apples earlier this month. The webinars cover weed, nutrient, insect and some disease management aspects of ongoing floor management work in wine grapes and apples. The webinars can be streamed at the following URLs.

Winegrapes: https://connect.msu.edu/p24xao59pvf/

Apples: https://connect.msu.edu/p7u5vlsbxm5/

Brad Baughman Accepts MSUE Extension Educator Appointment

OPM lab M.S. student Brad Baughman has accepted a position with MSUE as the SouthWestern grape and small fruit extension educator. Brad will begin his new position in June 2014 and will be based out of the South Western Michigan Research and Extension Center (SWMREC). Brad will defend his M.S. thesis tomorrow at 9AM. Way to go Brad!

“Impacts of Strip Cultivation on Apple and Grape Systems”
Candidate: Brad Baughman
Date: March 20, 2014, Thursday
Time: 9:00 am
Location: 162 Food Safety and Toxicology

Strip Cultivation

WonderWeeder Front Mounted CultivatorOur lab’s interest in this tactic is to assess the impacts of strip cultivation on weed stand and biomass, soil quality, pest insects, and beneficial insects. Preliminary data collected in our lab suggests that strip cultivation may be a good choice for conventional growers seeking to reduce their herbicide costs and potentially improve soil quality. This project is being run in collaboration with Professor Ron Perry of the MSU Department of Horticulture. This research was inspired by work done by Professor Ian Merwin of Cornell University and preliminary work funded by the Michigan Apple Committee.

Our work in this area is funded by a EPA PRIA2 project titled: “Demonstration of strip cultivation to reduce herbicide use in north central and northeastern perennial fruit production.” We are presently in the second year of the project. Brad Baughman is the M.S. student leading this project and is working in both apples and wine grapes. More information on this project can be seen in our project posts below.

Strip Cultivation Talk at SWMREC

Here is a talk I gave at a grape grower meeting at SWREC last week. We talked about our experience with strip cultivation in apples and how it might be applied in juice grapes. You can download a copy of the presentation here!

Strip Cultivation in Three Michigan Orchards

During the summer of 2010 we initiated a new project exploring strip cultivation at three orchards in Michigan. Each orchard had a different standard weed management practice. The orchard located in Flushing MI was managed with strip cultivation already, the orchard in Charlotte MI was managed using preemergent herbicides and the orchard in Sparta MI was managed using burndown herbicides. We chose a block within each orchard and alternated tilled and untilled rows. We then took monthly measurements of weed coverage, an end of season measurement of weed biomass, monitored and plant nutrients, and measured the incidence of mites in the trees. In 2011 we are planning on testing the tactic on larger orchard blocks and measuring insect and disease damage.

Here is a poster presenting our preliminary results.

American Fruit Grower did a write up of this project that can be viewed http://www.growingproduce.com/production/organic/?storyid=4954.

A web presentation on the project can be viewed at http://www.growingproduce.com/gptv/?vid=236.

This project was funded by the Michigan Apple Committee.